Monday, February 28, 2011

Long Live Megatokyo

Yay! Megatokyo rawks!!!!

Here's the link:
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2011 Celebration@SST(What to journal about)

What to jot down:
1)What the event is about.
2)When and where it takes place.
3)What happened
4)Who are the people
5)How the attendees felt about the event.
6)What happened.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Arian Of The Soul #1

Title: The Arian of the Soul- NewBorn
Volume: 1

This story took place before the earth had began to form.....
It took place on Arian, a tiny planet far away from the destined place of the Earth....

Chapter 1:
The Souls of The Light

The land was like a waste-land, toxic gases spewing from the heart of the planet which found their way to the surface through the air vents that were once the ancient's route of travelling around Arian, hazardous puddles of acid could be seen as far as the eye could see, the planet may seem desolate and dead but as the Sun sets, creatures would roam the land, some as huge as the Mountains that once scattered the planets, some as small as rodents but twice as deadly as their counter-parts.
All things changed one day....... The Day Of Souls
The sky was overcast and not a ray of light was allowed to reach the wasteland as the Creators were sent to work....
No one knew what happened next but all they knew was that the world had changed but remained as deadly as the previous.....
The new world was named.......
Which is the world that we now live in....
We, the Residents of Arian, 
The Souls of The Light...