Monday, April 4, 2011

Streets of life

Hey guys,
Been feeling a lil' down today 
Though I may not know why.
I know my sentences may not rhyme 
But just give me a try.

Thank you for all the support you have given me, my friends.
Though you may not be followers but I know that you care for me.
Thanks y' all!!!
Anyway, here's my update for today.
Oh and this is from a free-no-rhyme poem I created... :3
Will upload it once its done
As I mentioned it may or may not rhyme. :/

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Note: I composed all this poems so, remember to cite them. :D Thanks!

Ever-seeing Eye
Hidden beneath the earth,
Away from the naked eye,
Lies the Hidden Gem,
Of a thousand Eyes,
Dainty little creature,
Landing on a leaf,
Feeding on nectar,
On a summer’s breeze
Eternal Summer
Playing under the sun,
Basking in its’ glow
Sitting on beach chairs
Relishing the Memories
Though winter is gone,
Its memories stay,
Its snowy caps,
On a spring’s day,
As the sun rises,
The night fades,
I lay on my back,
Thinking about my fate

Monday, March 28, 2011


Note: I composed all this poems so, remember to cite them. :D Thanks!

If I was asked 
What a poem is,
A poem, is a art,
Would I reply
Why It is art?
You may ask
Its just art would be my reply
It is just like asking
Why is there sky?
It is also an colorful expression of feelings,
Hidden from the naked eye
Unless one reads it
The feelings die
Among the sea of words
Its hidden from the mind
Among the sea of words
It dies
A poem is like a sea of feelings
Hidden from the naked eye
Unless one reads it
The feelings dies
<Poem(Extended Ver.)>
A poem is like a sea of feelings
Hidden from the naked eye
Unless one reads it
The feelings dies
If one manages to grasp
Hold of a feeling,
It is like finding a pearl
Beneath the ocean
The feeling is so good
It feels like one
Is flying
under the blue hue sky


Note: I composed all this poems so, remember to cite them. :D Thanks!

Just over the hills of despair,
Lies the valley of hope,
Where the green grass grows,
Where the river flows,
All singing in their own special voice
No matter how diverse their languages are
No matter which race they came from,
All were singing for a common goal,
To keep the hope,
Of a thousand people
It is said
That there are people
Who decide your fate
What utter nonsense
Would I reply
No one else controls your fate
Like the day doesn’t control the night
For you are,
The master of your fate
The captain of your soul
Though people may beat you
Though rivers may wash you away
Though the sun sets and moon forbid to rise
None is guilty if you die
Because it is your choice
To live or to let die

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Note: I composed all this poems so, remember to cite them. :D Thanks!

The world is like an Orb,
Nestling Deep in space,
Away from the sun
To bring the coolness of night.

The world is like an Orb,
Nestling Deep in space,
it spins on its own,
on its own pace

Humans are like the earth,
Nestling deep in ones feelings
pitying oneself
on thy owns bed

Dust Bunnies are lil’ things,
Hidden from the eye,
though they can make you,
sneeze or cry,

Home is a place,
Where the river flows,
Where the green grass grows,
Where your family will be,
But for me,
A wanderer,
Shall never find home,

Monday, February 28, 2011

Long Live Megatokyo

Yay! Megatokyo rawks!!!!

Here's the link:
Note: Please copy and paste the link if the hyperlink doesn't work. XD

2011 Celebration@SST(What to journal about)

What to jot down:
1)What the event is about.
2)When and where it takes place.
3)What happened
4)Who are the people
5)How the attendees felt about the event.
6)What happened.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Arian Of The Soul #1

Title: The Arian of the Soul- NewBorn
Volume: 1

This story took place before the earth had began to form.....
It took place on Arian, a tiny planet far away from the destined place of the Earth....

Chapter 1:
The Souls of The Light

The land was like a waste-land, toxic gases spewing from the heart of the planet which found their way to the surface through the air vents that were once the ancient's route of travelling around Arian, hazardous puddles of acid could be seen as far as the eye could see, the planet may seem desolate and dead but as the Sun sets, creatures would roam the land, some as huge as the Mountains that once scattered the planets, some as small as rodents but twice as deadly as their counter-parts.
All things changed one day....... The Day Of Souls
The sky was overcast and not a ray of light was allowed to reach the wasteland as the Creators were sent to work....
No one knew what happened next but all they knew was that the world had changed but remained as deadly as the previous.....
The new world was named.......
Which is the world that we now live in....
We, the Residents of Arian, 
The Souls of The Light...

Monday, January 24, 2011

Awww.... Crap

Hi all,
yeah I know I haven't post much stuff during the past few weeks...... cos I'm Just Bored......
My Bunny Superhero Concept Art will be posted latest by Saturday... so keep an eye out. Yea...

Need rest, Happy Chinese New Year In advance!!

Happy new year!

HaPpYChinese New Year!!!!!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Free Rice for the Needy!

Hi there, I'm sorry to say that there is absolutely *no* free rice on this webpage. BUT, if you would like to donate rice to the needy FOR FREE, please go to Oh and..... WTH! No! You'll not get free rice just by reading this post! *Ahem* Just as I was saying, please add me as a friend if you create a account. thanks!
P.S. If you wanna to join a group join. Rice Guardians please!!!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Hiya, dudes!
Wassup? Urm, do any of you tink it would be nice if I create a web comic?
Please comment on my decision!!! Oh By The Way, you are invited to be a artist if you want!

Friday, January 14, 2011


HEY Dudes and Gal's! Sup' Man! Guess why Im soo hyped?! Cuz it's my fren's b'day!
WooOOO hOOOoo!!
Happy b'day Caleb and Natalie!


Monday, January 10, 2011

School News #1

Today is my first day of school met my cool teachers but got some homework... Psst! Im still alive, 'Yay!' so, urm, lol im signing off nowz.
-Joshua Leong signs off-

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Yay! Orientation week news...

Yay, orientation week is over!......Oh... crap. School is next... Anyway, I have a pres to do so, urm, wish me luck