Monday, March 28, 2011


Note: I composed all this poems so, remember to cite them. :D Thanks!

Just over the hills of despair,
Lies the valley of hope,
Where the green grass grows,
Where the river flows,
All singing in their own special voice
No matter how diverse their languages are
No matter which race they came from,
All were singing for a common goal,
To keep the hope,
Of a thousand people
It is said
That there are people
Who decide your fate
What utter nonsense
Would I reply
No one else controls your fate
Like the day doesn’t control the night
For you are,
The master of your fate
The captain of your soul
Though people may beat you
Though rivers may wash you away
Though the sun sets and moon forbid to rise
None is guilty if you die
Because it is your choice
To live or to let die

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